World Destinations Tour-Cycling Guide for Cycling Adventure


If you ever were thinking about bike riding vacation, then this Chris Santella bookFifty Places to Bike Before You Die is the right starting point.

The 50 places to bike before you die include 24 United States or Canada destinations, 2 South and Central America, 16 cover Europe, 2 covering Africa and the rest South-East Asia and Oceania. Among these destinations are many unexpected ones with different difficulty rate. If you prefer casual cycling then there are destinations in Italy and France with the stops to have a random dinner or taste local wine… or … if you are an extreme bike rider you can try some most exotic routes in South Africa, Botswana or Zimbabwe with the exposure to a variety of wildlife.

Each destination includes also other essential information for tour planning such as the best time to travel, accommodation options, airport and airline details. This book is an ideal choice and a perfect gift for cycling adventure who is interested in tour-cycling.