Carb Cycling Recipe Book Gift

Carb Cycling Recipe Book GiftIf you are looking for a motivation to eat tasty food and fuel yourself with energy while riding a bike then this carb cycling recipe book gift is for you.

It is a great book with tasty, easy to make and very useful recipes. This book is based on an experience of professional nutritionists who worked for cycling teams and teaches how to cook and eat in order to meet the needs of the training cyclists. Thus, the recipes are mostly meat based and high in carbohydrates. However, many of them have special tips, such as suggestions for vegetarian ingredient substitution.

The book categorized in a way what cyclist must eat during the riding period and include Breakfast, Portables (food eating when riding), Apres (post training food), Dinner and, in addition, it has Desserts and Basic recipes. In the portables, the book even teaches you how to take the food with you on your bike ride, how to wrap it and eat it while riding.

This book is a must to have for any cyclist kitchen library and a great gift for those who wishes to start a regular training diet but looking for some easy and nutritious meals.